Fossil, Wyoming – Hand Cancel

Fossil, Wyoming is a small coal mining town located just outside Fossil Butte National Monument. The fossils dug out during the 1800s were sold privately by the miners for extra income into the late 1930s. The two million year-old freshwater lake bed near the town is one of the best paleontological areas of the Tertiary for marine fauna in North America. Fossils found include fish, alligators, bats, turtles, horses, insects, and other species of plants and animals.

This cover from Fossil, WY (WYO) (Apr 25, 1942) to Long Beach, CA, was mailed at the first class letter postage rate (3¢) using a four bar dated handstamp cancellation device. The manuscript note “Order Rescinded” on the left is still a mystery currently.

Fossil Wyoming - Handstamp

Fossil Wyoming – Handstamp

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